words spoken in winter / your el dorado

Words Spoken In Winter Will Not Be Heard: A Valentine is just about full! Included are works by Leigh Stein, John Mulligan, Shae Krispinsky, Jesse Castaldi, Kirk Keen, Erika Howsare, Tim Baker, Kate Schapira, and your humble editor. I'm still accepting submissions through the last day of January, the only guideline being that the poem/prose was written during January 2005.

And this has worked so well that we're going to try it again! Up next: The Lord Does Not Care For Your El Dorado. All through the month of February I will be accepting submissions -- poetry or prose with the aforementioned title. If there's anough good stuff we'll make a book of it.

All submissions can go to jen (at) horselesspress (dot) com, pasted into email or attached as Word/RTF files.

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