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Don't You Have A Map? Part 11



Cinephrastics by Kathleen Ossip.
Details here.
Order here.


I'll be reading a little poetry in New Haven Tuesday night. You should come!

October 3rd: Short-Story Writer Paul Beckman and Poet Jen Tynes Read at The Anchor Bar

On Tuesday October 3rd at 7:00 PM, please join the Ordinary Evening Reading Series to welcome fiction writer Paul Beckman and poet Jen Tynes to the Anchor Bar's Mermaid Room.

Paul Beckman is a writer who lives in Madison, CT. His short stories, four of which have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, have appeared in both print and on-line journals (among them, Playboy, Currents, Connecticut Review, Mad Hatter's Review, and Exquisite Corpse). His first collection, Come! Meet My Family and Other Stories was published in 1995 by Weighted Anchor Press, and a second volume is expected in 2006. Paul's work has been published in New Zealand, translated into German for an anthology entitled Humor by Jewish Writers ("The P Word"), and several of his short stories have been adapted into plays.

Jen Tynes lives in Providence, Rhode Island and edits horse less press. Her poems have appeared in jubilat, Diagram, CutBank, H_NGM_N, Typo, Octopus, Verse, No Tell Motel, The Cultural Society, and other journals. Her first book, The End Of Rude Handles, is available from Red Morning Press.


Myopic Books & horse less press present
An Entirely Horseless Reading!

Please join us at Myopic Books (5 S. Angell St., Wayland Square, 401-521-5533)
Saturday, September 16, 7 pm
for poetry from Matthew Henriksen, Kate Greenstreet, and Adam Clay.

Matthew Henriksen co-edits Typo and Cannibal and curates The Burning Chair Readings in Brooklyn and New York City. His poems have appeared recently in Fascicle, Coconut and Indiana Review; others will soon appear in Lit, Wildlife Poetry Magazine, Action, Yes!, and The Agricultural Review. horse less press has published his first chapbook, Is Holy.

Kate Greenstreet was born in Chicago and has lived mostly on the east and west coasts of the U.S., currently back on the Atlantic side, in New Jersey. She received a Fellowship from the NJ State Council on the Arts in 2003. Her poems have appeared in Bird Dog, Conduit, can we have our ball back?, GutCult, Diagram, Octopus, POOL, The Massachusetts Review, No Tell Motel, Fascicle, Barrow Street, Word For/Word, the tiny, Free Verse, MiPOesias, LIT, CutBank, Kulture Vulture, TYPO, 26, KELR, XANTIPPE, and other journals. Her chapbook, Learning the Language, was published by Etherdome Press last fall and her first full-length book, case sensitive, will be out from Ahsahta Press in September 2006.

Adam Clay lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan and co-edits Typo. His first book, The Wash, is forthcoming from Parlor Press, and Canoe, a chapbook, is available from horse less press. Recent poems appear in Denver Quarterly, CutBank, Barrow Street, and elsewhere.


From the Desk of Horse Less Press:

a chapbook by Matthew Henriksen
is available for peruse and purchase here:



Featuring work by-
Andrew Wollard, Adam Clay, Michael Donnelly, Jason Fraley, Allison Carter, Justin Lacour, kari edwards, Andrew Seguin, John Hyland, Jim Goar, Andrew Demcak, Clint Frakes, Bruce Covey, Nick Montfort, Jack Boettcher, Amanda Lichtenstein, Ryan Daley, Christine Hamm, Katherine LaPlant, Sarah Lang, John Mulligan, Michael Stewart, Mark DeCarteret, Danielle Hill, Conan Kelly.

Please read, enjoy, and send work for #5.

COMING LATER THIS WEEK: A chapbook! IS HOLY by Matt Henriksen.

Thanks for stopping by, & tell your friends.
Erika & Jen


We took a little pitstop, but part 10 of “Don’t you have a map?” is now up at Grand Text Auto:

Coming within the month:
Horse Less Review #4
IS HOLY, a chapbook by Matt Henriksen

Thanks for reading!
yr editors


Order your copy of IF FIRE, ARRIVAL by Julia Cohen here.

Details including an excerpt here.



Part 9 of Don’t you have a map?
is here:

Please read & enjoy.
Correspond with us, even!
And if you have an electronic spot that would like to host
a part of this project, please drop us a note.
We’ll make it special for you.

Coming soon:

IF FIRE, ARRIVAL by Julia Cohen
will be available in mere days.

is coming together nicely
& will be live as soon as possible.

Spread the words.
Yr editors-


horse less chap reviewed at Rain Taxi

Rain Taxi has begun reviewing chapbooks! In the most recent (Summer 2006) issue, Noah Eli Gordon says this about Winter Constellations by Nate Pritts:


Don't you have a map?
A collaborative, traveling essay in letters
'twixt Erika Howsare & Jen Tynes.

Part 8, J to E—

You don't call you don't write your letters.

They are big plastic windpipes, expanding and contracting out of all the windows in town.

The things that people throw away from them are the things we know something about. We know something about them via the things they throw out, like light, their forensics like on television.

We know whodunit this time? Red. Leaf. I might not be prepared for these changes (amber to chlorophyll and back again).Did I tell you about the bridge?

Between 10 and 2 I had my heart set upon becoming an actual person of letters. Traffic was disrupted, people stood on the bank and watched for the difference (a line suddenly missing its arc).

I called for a ferry and got some chicken wire solution. No one could give it a place. The little houses that I utilized as a youngin are now all full of dirt dobbers and collectibles.

Where I am right now, instead of soaring, is a long and dirt-beaded hum. It's the machinery they use after the glow of a residence. It's my pile of it on the floor.

Not knowing how to read or read into—an up close shot of some hedges.

Please send a notary public by and we will see how s/he likes it.

To "like it" there must be intensity leading to activation. There must be a curl at the cusp.

We'll see what is stamped with that particular stamp. We'll see if we don't get some (just now a bird bee-lined) different kind of sickness.

You don't call dogs they come to conclusions.
You don't make trash you learn a lesson.
I don't know why I get hung up in this space, where the little kids wear helmets.
Being around here is like a hanging basket of fern.
How is a fragile thing archaic?

How do they get over there sucking their thumbs?

Or I will ask you another question and you will give me this answer.

All of the viewpoints that I mentioned were pointing at somebody else.

E responds to J at http://breadnjamforfrances.blogspot.com in about two weeks.
Please visit http://www.horselesspress.com/amap.html for the whole hog.
Email Erika & Jen: editors AT horselesspress DOT com.


Don’t you have a map?
Part 7
Now live at

totally without horses,
Jen & Erika


Don't you have a map? Part 6 is up at The Cultural Society. (Follow the "texts" link.)


find your niche?

E & I are currently reading submissions for the 4th horse less review.
It's filling up quickly, but we still need your help.
Guidelines, such as they are, and also some goats, are here:

Email submissions are preferable. Go on, now.


Part 5 of Don’t you have a map?
A collaboration ‘twixt your editors,
is visiting Ivy Alvarez’z electric pad:

Please visit.

Erika and I will need some new haunts for this project soon,
so if you’ve got some virtual space to share,
please let us know.


Adam Clay’s CANOE is live;
order your copy here:


We are currently accepting submissions for the next issue of HORSE LESS REVIEW.
Deadline is mid-May; get more info here:


And on a personal note, this HORSE LESS editor will be giving a couple readings
in NYC during the last weekend of the month.
On April 28th I’ll be at the first of a new reading series by MiPoesias
On April 30th I’ll be forgetting/forging my own name at Lungfull’s Zinc Bar reading series:

Come let me get a look at you!



PRACTICE: NEW WRITING + ART publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and photography, as well as work that defies these genres.

Our debut issue, arriving in April of 2006, includes 160 pages of ART & PHOTOGRAPHY by Angela Buenning, Ryan Mrozowski, Anne Wilson, Karen Barbour, and Paula McCartney; POETRY by Aaron McCollough, Christi Kramer, Cole Swensen, Dan Beachy-Quick, Eleanor Graves, G.C. Waldrep, Graham Foust, H. L. Hix, Janet Holmes, Joan Wilcox, John Cross, Peter Streckfus, Rod Smith, Susan Tichy, and an interview and new work from Semezdin Mehmedinovic; PROSE by Betsy Andrews, writing about art, activism, and poets against the war; Gabe Weisert, offering a contemporary account of Odysseus' route home; Jamy Bond, remembering her sister who died while serving in the Peace Corps in Mozambique; and Gerald Tiffany, describing the only diet that worked.
Send your address to info@practicejournal.com and we'll mail you a free first issue in April. Offer good until we change our minds (or April 10th, whichever happens first).

In other horse less chapbook news, I've slightly redesigned and am making a new run of Erika Howsare's Elect June Grooms. Elect June Grooms was the first book I made, besides my own, and my binding experiment didn't go as well as I'd hoped. It was a little too thin and too hard to open, and the paper I used was too thin for the couple accordian pages.

This is a big shame, because Erika is one of my favorite poets (she has since become my co-editor and collaborator-friend) and Elect June Grooms is one of my favorite chapbooks. So I'd hate for the book not to get out into the world, or for the reading of it to be hampered by my early book-making attempts.

A new, more readable version is available now. It's simple: 8.5 x 6, 21 pages, same plain cover, staple-bound. The font may be a little big, but it's time to move forward. The poems are beautiful, absolute, something to linger in. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a copy.

Image hosting by Photobucket

is just about ready, and it sure is something.

Get the details & read an excerpt.
Pre-order your copy now.


I'm doing a couple readings in April-

(Providence) April 5, 8pm
Myopic Books
alongside Erica Carpenter.

(NYC) April 30, 7pm
Lungfull's Zinc Bar Talk/Reading Series
alongside James Wagner.
(Scroll down to the bottom of the Zinc page to see me with Gertrude Stein.)

With luck, more soon. Invite me to read at a venue near you!


One of many sexy discoveries at last week's AWP: Cloverfield Press. I haven't read the books I bought yet, but the bindings & layouts are lovely, tiny, precise. You want to put them in your back pocket and never sit down. You want to read them standing up, and I think they are just about the right length to allow you to do so before your legs give out. Short fiction. Fine covers. Check it out.
Go on & check out Galatea Resurrects (A Poetry Review). Smart people reviewing good books.
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The End Of Rude Handles can now by ordered online, via credit, debit, paypal, etc. About it, the good fellows at Red Morning Press say:

A book-length sequence that draws together lyric, collage and essay elements, 'The End Of Rude Handles' explores landscape and the landscape of language with curiosity and tenderness. Jen Tynes' distinctively handmade poems are at the same time intellectual and playful, elusive and inviting: "When I speak of you some object is / also formed in light of that. // I enfold the brimming object to you."

You should probably go pick up your copy right now.


Just flew back from AWP, and boy are my arms tired...

Part 3 of Don’t You Have A Map?
A collaboration twixt your horse less editors,

is now available at TYPO’s Burning Chair:


Part 4 will show, in about 2 weeks, at the internet homeplace of Mr. Josh Hanson. Stay tuned.

Next month a beautiful new horse less chapbook, Canoe by Adam Clay, will be creeping out of the woodwork.

This month, and for many months afterwards, my first full-length collection, The End Of Rude Handles, is available from Red Morning Press.
Red Morning Press has this to say:

Red Morning Press is pleased to present The End of Rude Handles, a debut poetry collection from Jen Tynes. In The End of Rude Handles, Tynes explores landscape and the landscape of language with curiosity and tenderness.

Award-winning poet C.D. Wright describes Jen Tynes as “attentive to polyester as she is the human hand’s extension into unlikely space, out of which she conceives a unique pattern…We do not know where she will take us. We have to read along to find out. We want to know.”

Please stop by www.redmorningpress.com for more information and get yourself a copy.


Don't you have a map?
A collaborative, traveling essay in letters 'twixt Erika Howsare & Jen Tynes starts tonight, over at The Pines.


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Winter Constellations by Nate Pritts
c 2005, 30 pages.
Lyric meets process among the wind-tossed grasses.
6x6, staple-bound.
Fabulous cover print by Kate Schapira.

Read an excerpt and place your order.

And if you haven't already, pick up your copy of our other new books by Mark Kanak, Adam Tobin, and Tyler Carter.



Coming Soon!
Winter Constellations by Nate Pritts.

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