Things are happening @ horse less press!

Horse Less Review #2 will hit the streets any day now, featuring:
Tyler Carter, Phil Cordelli, Maria Filippone, Sandy Florian, Michael Geier, Garth Graeper, Matthew Henriksen, Sean Hoade, Mark Kanak, Kirk Keen, Andy Lynes, Clay Matthews, Jim Maughn, Jerry McGuire, Corey Mesler, Nick Montfort, Andrew Lux, Bryce Newhart, Scott Pierce, Marc Pietrzykowski, Nate Pritts, Maggie Queeney, Marthe Reed, Hugh Steinberg, and others.


And two new chapbooks are just about to hit the presses!

from Egg Breakfast by Tyler Carter:

Hello Cactus

My man! How strange you are! These yellow growths glued to
your body (at one time strong and disdainful of touch, you would
sit as your ancestors sat, in the hot sun waiting, living but never
sweating, and never bored) but now look at you! Your resiliency
has gotten the best of you!

from Ode To Pumpsie Green & Stretch Phillips by Adam Tobin:

Whitey Whitey Dutch Doc Whitey

Red Red Doc Dutch Red

Doc Dutch Red Doc Red

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Dutch Dutch Dutch Doc Dutch

Whitey Red Whitey Whitey Red

Red Dutch Dutch


For pre-ordering information, go to



National Velvet

The month of April is looking pretty sparse over at forty-two.

I think we ought to flesh it out retroactively. Come in like a lion, midway.

Please send me 42 word reviews of your favorite books. In honor of NaPoMo, especially send me reviews of your favorite books of poetry. Email to jen AT horselesspress DOT com.


yr editor's agenda

A little about me:

#1 http://spinelessbooks.com/eclecticseizureWilliam is playing some recordings of me reading poems on his radio show tonight, along with live music & such from Vulpine. You can listen online, at 11 est or later when it's archived. You should check out all the archives, in fact, for lots of good readings.

#2http://www.nyu.edu/public.affairs/releases/detail/470I am doing a reading for NYU's Washington Square, with Eric Anderson & Elisa Albert, on April 29th @ 7pm. Tickets are very un-pricey and you get to support a literary endeavor. Also, I might just wear a skirt. I've been into them lately.

A little about horses:

I'm sorry I haven't kept up my promise to educate us on the ponies. It's been a busy poetry month, and it looks like, once again, I'm going to be watching the derby like a fool. If you want to read poets talking about horses, though, check out Lisa Jarnot's blog. She's a smart cookie.


New Octopus

From Zachary Schomburg:

Octopus #5 is alive!


It features:

New POETRY from Jean Valentine, Stan Mir, Craig Morgan Teicher, Wayne Chambliss, Dara Wier, Louis Armand, Paul Muldoon, Aaron Kunin, Standard Schaefer, Jennifer Knox, Kate Greenstreet, Matthew Thorburn, Daniel Coudriet, Shafer Hall, Bob Hicok, Joe Wenderoth, Barry Schwabsky, Christopher Janke, Jen Tynes, Rob Stanton, Paul Foster Johnson, Carolina Maugeri, Joshua Beckman & Matthew Rohrer, Jennifer Moxley, Chris Glomski, Shane McCrae, Dobby Gibson, Nathan Parker, Maureen Thorson, Lawrence Raab, and TRANSLATIONS of Daniil Kharms by Matvei Yankelevich and of Thanh Thao by Linh Dinh.

REVIEWS of Eric Baus’ The To Sound by Monica Fambrough, John Witte’s The Hurtling by Gina Myers, Matthew Thorburn’s Subject to Change by Richard Scheiwe, Noah Eli Gordon’s The Area of Sound Called the Subtone by Thomas Fink, Sarah Manguso (ed.) and Jordan Davis’ (ed.) Free Radicals: American Poets Before Their First Books by Travis Nichols, and Peter Gizzi’s Periplum and Other Poems by Julie Misso.

ESSAYS including the first volume of The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming! by Matvei Yankelevich, a series of field notes on Russian-American poets and the question of bilingual poetry. This volume includes notes on Philip Nikolayev, Eugene Ostashevsky, Ilya Bernstein, and Genya Turovskaya. And including some thoughts on James Tate’s “Same Tits” by Ian Ganassi.

RECOVERY PROJECTS on William Heyen’s Lord Dragonfly: Five Sequences by Matthew Henriksen, and Kamau Brathwaite’s Ancestors by Joyelle McSweeney.