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FEATURING:Shannon Tharp, Jenna Cardinale, Jon Leon, Susan Scarlata, Glenn Bach, FJ Bergmann, Leigh Stein, Nathan Schneider, Pirooz Kalayeh, Tyler Carter, Daniel Nester, Caroline Whitbeck, Geoffrey Babbitt, Monica Berlin, Kate Schapira, Carrie-Sinclair Katz, Andrew Lux, Christopher Mulrooney, Terri Light, Matt Henriksen, Emma Ramey, Nate Pritts, Alex Carnevale, David Trame, Conan Kelly.






c 2005, 54 pages.
Long awaited, thick as thieves.
5x5, bound by gaffer's tape and common sense.
Smart cover art by Kate Schapira.
See pictures and an excerpt here.
Buy it here.



It's been dead & down at 42, but here a few.
I have this sense I've lost someone's review -- if you sent one that you haven't seen posted, please re-send. If you've never sent one, please send. If you've not sent one in a while, please send some more. I know you are reading some books, some where.


At 42, it's been August way too long. Go see three new reviews for the month of September, keep an eye out for good, new poetry reviews to come, and please do send your reviews to jen AT horselesspress DOT com.



Horse Less Review is currently accepting submissions for #3.
We want your poetry, your fiction, your genre-defying best.
Guidelines & a photo of some prize-winning goats at www.horselesspress.com/howto.html.
For inspiration, view #2 at www.horselesspress.com/revspring05/review2.html.
Deadline is September 15 or until we are satisfied.
Please send all submissions and any queries to editors@horselesspress.com.
Yr Editrs,
Jen Tynes
Erika Howsare



We're catching up at forty-two: book review. Check out reviews of a chapbook by Suzanne Frischkorn, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, new novels by Nicole Krauss and Michael Cunningham. And send reviews of your own summer reading, stat. There's a hole to fill.


Ooh, ooh, ooh. So many new things in the noggin for horse less press. It has been a year and we are ready to cast off an old skin and slip into something more comfortable. Hopefully come August we'll have something to show you on the page and in the atmosphere.

Don't forget. Chapbook by Mark Kanak is really really on the way.
Go check him out.

Don't forget. Shadow Fixed The Toilet With An Old Trombone. Refer to earlier for details. You can totally be a host. Email me and say so. I believe in you.

Don't forget. Soon we'll be playing HORSE, live. HORSE, live. Bone up and be ready.
And here's something new to remember: Mythologies. Soon we'll shew them. I can't explain it. But you can help us. If you have stories, reviews, appreciations, raves, pleasant or revelatory things to say about horse less press, horse less review, and any of its productions or faces, please email them to jen AT horselesspress DOT com. They don't have to be true. We will do all the work. We will weave our own history.

-yr friend


horse less reading
and chapbook series

shadow fixed the toilet with an old trombone:
some improvisations

we have been thinking long and hard about how to host a reading tour without actually going anywhere, and this is what we came up with. during the first week of october (2005) we'd like to coordinate a series of readings all over the world (or at least the country) with a united theme:

shadow fixed the toilet with an old trombone:
some improvisations.

that is, writing that somehow involves or speaks to the idea of improvisation.
individual hosts will determine the time, place, shape, parameters, location, etc. of each reading.
they will be in livingrooms, restaurants, laundromats, buses, back stoops, sofa-beds, amphitheatres, planes.
they will be readings for 2 or 200.
some writings will certainly appear on the walls like graffiti or miracles.
some writings will be elaborately choreographed, only-children, in the making for years.
afterwards a chapbook will be compiled that includes a piece of writing from each reading.
with luck there will be other artifacts and remains.

interested in hosting a reading? email jen AT horselesspress DOT com for more details.
interested in attending a reading? check back at horselesspress.com and watch the schedule develop.


I am really hoping to pretty up the old website soon.
In the meantime, take note:

All previously-sold-out chapbooks are now print-on-demand. Check out the chapbooks page for details.
A chapbook from Mark Kanak is coming soon, swear.

We added some new blogs to the list this weekend--browse and enjoy. If you have any journal, blog, or project suggestions for our link pages, please email jen AT horselesspress DOT com.


promotion of poetry, self

You can listen to me & my girly voice reading poems here:
William is responsible for the cool music in the background, and for the show in general, whose archives you should really check out. Lots of good poetry and tunes.

I have a one-sentence story in T H E L I T T L E B O O K O F W A T E R , R O A D S , V I O L E N C E , F I R E F L I E S , C I G A R E T T E S , H E A R T B R E A K , D I S T A N C E , D E A T H , D E V A S T A T I O N , A N D L ' A M O U R,along with a bunch of other cool people. It looks fabulous -- you should buy a copy.

On June 26th @ 8pm @ The Cloister Cafe (NYC)I will be reading with Simon DeDeo and Rachel Moritz to celebrate the dawning of the upcoming issue of TYPO.


I have a sunburn, the grill is hot, the weekend's here at 42 (short-ee reviews of Mairead Byrne, Ander Monson, Sean Norton):


Belated but here: the first week of June at 42, including reviews of books by Roxanne Carter, Ivy Alvarez, Merrill Gilfillan, Joseph Massey, Nate Pritts, and Kate Schapira.

Coming, though not especially soon: chapbooks by Mark Kanak and Khalil Huffman.

Also, due to desire: out-of-print chapbooks will soon become available on a print-on-demand basis.

Also, coming as quickly as possible: a new oldtime game to play.


review & chaps


HORSE LESS REVIEW #2 is here and includes work by: Tyler Carter, Thomas Cook, Phil Cordelli, Maria Filippone, Sandy Florian, Michael Geier, Garth Graeper, Matthew Henriksen, Sean Hoade, Mark Kanak, Kirk Keen, Conan Kelly, Andrew Lux, Andrew Lynes, Clay Matthews, Carolina Maugeri, Jim Maughn, Jerry McGuire, Corey Mesler, Nick Montfort, Bryce Newhart, Scott Pierce, Marc Pietrzykowski, Nate Pritts, Maggie Queeney, Marthe Reed, Kate Schapira, Brandon Shimoda, Brian Kim Stefans, Hugh Steinberg, and Bronwen Tate.We like it. Please enjoy & spread the word.

Also fresh out: TWO new chapbooks. "Egg Breakfast" by Tyler Carter and "Ode To Pumpsie Green & Stretch Phillips" by Adam Tobin. Buy both and get more. http://www.horselesspress.com/chapbooks.html

Your good editors,
Jen Tynes
Erika Howsare


Things are happening @ horse less press!

Horse Less Review #2 will hit the streets any day now, featuring:
Tyler Carter, Phil Cordelli, Maria Filippone, Sandy Florian, Michael Geier, Garth Graeper, Matthew Henriksen, Sean Hoade, Mark Kanak, Kirk Keen, Andy Lynes, Clay Matthews, Jim Maughn, Jerry McGuire, Corey Mesler, Nick Montfort, Andrew Lux, Bryce Newhart, Scott Pierce, Marc Pietrzykowski, Nate Pritts, Maggie Queeney, Marthe Reed, Hugh Steinberg, and others.


And two new chapbooks are just about to hit the presses!

from Egg Breakfast by Tyler Carter:

Hello Cactus

My man! How strange you are! These yellow growths glued to
your body (at one time strong and disdainful of touch, you would
sit as your ancestors sat, in the hot sun waiting, living but never
sweating, and never bored) but now look at you! Your resiliency
has gotten the best of you!

from Ode To Pumpsie Green & Stretch Phillips by Adam Tobin:

Whitey Whitey Dutch Doc Whitey

Red Red Doc Dutch Red

Doc Dutch Red Doc Red

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Dutch Dutch Dutch Doc Dutch

Whitey Red Whitey Whitey Red

Red Dutch Dutch


For pre-ordering information, go to



National Velvet

The month of April is looking pretty sparse over at forty-two.

I think we ought to flesh it out retroactively. Come in like a lion, midway.

Please send me 42 word reviews of your favorite books. In honor of NaPoMo, especially send me reviews of your favorite books of poetry. Email to jen AT horselesspress DOT com.


yr editor's agenda

A little about me:

#1 http://spinelessbooks.com/eclecticseizureWilliam is playing some recordings of me reading poems on his radio show tonight, along with live music & such from Vulpine. You can listen online, at 11 est or later when it's archived. You should check out all the archives, in fact, for lots of good readings.

#2http://www.nyu.edu/public.affairs/releases/detail/470I am doing a reading for NYU's Washington Square, with Eric Anderson & Elisa Albert, on April 29th @ 7pm. Tickets are very un-pricey and you get to support a literary endeavor. Also, I might just wear a skirt. I've been into them lately.

A little about horses:

I'm sorry I haven't kept up my promise to educate us on the ponies. It's been a busy poetry month, and it looks like, once again, I'm going to be watching the derby like a fool. If you want to read poets talking about horses, though, check out Lisa Jarnot's blog. She's a smart cookie.


New Octopus

From Zachary Schomburg:

Octopus #5 is alive!


It features:

New POETRY from Jean Valentine, Stan Mir, Craig Morgan Teicher, Wayne Chambliss, Dara Wier, Louis Armand, Paul Muldoon, Aaron Kunin, Standard Schaefer, Jennifer Knox, Kate Greenstreet, Matthew Thorburn, Daniel Coudriet, Shafer Hall, Bob Hicok, Joe Wenderoth, Barry Schwabsky, Christopher Janke, Jen Tynes, Rob Stanton, Paul Foster Johnson, Carolina Maugeri, Joshua Beckman & Matthew Rohrer, Jennifer Moxley, Chris Glomski, Shane McCrae, Dobby Gibson, Nathan Parker, Maureen Thorson, Lawrence Raab, and TRANSLATIONS of Daniil Kharms by Matvei Yankelevich and of Thanh Thao by Linh Dinh.

REVIEWS of Eric Baus’ The To Sound by Monica Fambrough, John Witte’s The Hurtling by Gina Myers, Matthew Thorburn’s Subject to Change by Richard Scheiwe, Noah Eli Gordon’s The Area of Sound Called the Subtone by Thomas Fink, Sarah Manguso (ed.) and Jordan Davis’ (ed.) Free Radicals: American Poets Before Their First Books by Travis Nichols, and Peter Gizzi’s Periplum and Other Poems by Julie Misso.

ESSAYS including the first volume of The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming! by Matvei Yankelevich, a series of field notes on Russian-American poets and the question of bilingual poetry. This volume includes notes on Philip Nikolayev, Eugene Ostashevsky, Ilya Bernstein, and Genya Turovskaya. And including some thoughts on James Tate’s “Same Tits” by Ian Ganassi.

RECOVERY PROJECTS on William Heyen’s Lord Dragonfly: Five Sequences by Matthew Henriksen, and Kamau Brathwaite’s Ancestors by Joyelle McSweeney.



for Alex

Thought feels the edges.
Just so far it was only yesterday?
So far it seems now till tomorrow.

Time isn't space.
Away for the day, one says--
gone fishing. Now and again.

The sounds echo in the quiet morning--
such faint edges of place, things, not yet quite seen.
But one knows the familiar presences.

The world will be as one left it,
still there, to reappear again perhaps
where it always is.

--Robert Creeley


this cocaine's for horses

this cocaine's for horses, it ain't for men
the doc says it'll kill me, but he don't say when

(from cocaine blues)

the inside of a man

There is something about the outside of a horse
That is good for the inside of a man.

-Sir Winston Churchill

Afleet Alex

We interrupt this horselessness to offer you a little horse.

Early May: Jen's thesis is due
May 5: cinco de mayo; also, Jen teaches her final class @ brown
May 6: Jen attends her final class @ brown & gives a reading with her fiction class

What a week the first week of May will be! There is, to be sure, a derby party in the works. (If you're reading this, you're invited.) At last year's party, I really felt shamed for not being able to provide more information about the horses & history of the derby. Anytime someone asked me something I didn't know, I just shoved another mint julep in their face. But not this year! I'll still be shoving mint juleps, of course, but we're going to do our homework.

I think the first horse we ought to check out is Afleet Alex. Granted, his name doesn't have the poetry that I covet in my racehorses, but then neither did Smarty Jones. I haven't been keeping up with the races lately, but apparently Afleet Alex is kicking some booty.



"This horse is a beast," said Jockey Jeremy Rose after the race. "He's classy enough to sit off the speed and take off. I really didn't have to do much with him, other than keep him out of trouble. I've been on decent horses before, but this one is special because of the way he runs. He is so athletic and professional. He does everything you ask him, whether it is in a workout or a race. It seems he has an unlimited amount of gears; that's why I think he can easily go longer."

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


And also new, DIAGRAM

Issue 5.1 of DIAGRAM is up and live and crazy, at the usual place:

:: WHAT YOU'LL FIND IN 5.1TEXT (variously, including collaborations, javascript poems, multimediacraziness, and lots more) by: N. M. Courtright, Chad Davidson and John Poch,DJ Dolack, Ryan Flaherty, Miriam Greenberg, Kelle Groom, Janis Butler Holm,Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Christine Boyka Kluge and Rick Mullarky, Lisa Lee,Menage a Trois: Brea Burton, Jill Hartman, and Cara Hedley, Peter Mishler,Caryl Pagel, Marc Pietrzykowski, Derek Pollard, Peter Jay Shippy, EricTorgersen, Gautam Verma, and Scott Withiam.


REVIEWS: Matt Dube on Marie Curie, Shara Lessley on Sabrina Orah Mark's THEBABIES, and the DIAGRAM staff on Brian Leung's WORLD FAMOUS LOVE ACTS andJessica Helfand's REINVENTING THE WHEEL.

IMAGES BY: Adelheid Mers and Alexander Rose

SCHEMATICS: 2 Irrigation Engineering Images; Combinations for PyramidBuilding; The Contrast Between Natural and Enforced Releases of Doubles;Extraction of "Prominence" Feature; Fully Developed Cumulonimbus CloudShowing Internal Currents. After this Stage the Cloud Will Decline; TheGeneral Procurement Procedure; and Some Insect Wings

H_NGM_N #3 is new!

[[There's some great stuff in this journal -- check it out! And look for writing by editor Nate Pritts in the upcoming issue of horse less review.]]


H_NGM_N #3, our first fully online issue, features poetry by Adrian Blevins, Adam Clay, J.L. Conrad, Mike Dockins, Tom Dvorske, Matt Hart, Clay Matthews, David Saffo, Jim Simmerman, Tony Tost & Thom Ward, essays by Daniel Becker on Frank O'Hara & Robert Lowell & by Joe Wenderoth on Chaim Soutine, a story by Matt Dube, a portfolio of artist Keith Gamache's work & some gags by Tom Horacek to keep the mood light.Spend some time with the site & you'll find we've archived our first two print issues as fully downloadable (& free) pdf files. Pop into the editor's office to hear what I have to say & check our submission guidelines to find out how you can be a part!


call for submissions

horse less review would love to read you.

please send your fiction, poetry, or slippery-genre'd submissions to editors [at] horselesspress [dot] com by april 15 to be considered for our second issue.

check out issue #1 here

and guidelines for submission


Words Spoken In Winter

Words Spoken In Winter Will Not Be Heard: A Valentine
Writings by Leigh Stein, Jen Tynes, Jesse Castaldi, Erika Howsare,
Joseph Massey, Timothy Baker, John Mulligan, Brandon Shimoda,
Roxanne M Carter, Kirk Keen, Kate Schapira, and Shae Krispinsky.

Sale-copies are limited, so don't wait!


dear friend

Check out some great new Want/Adds.

And coming tomorrow, photos & order information for Words Spoken In Winter Will Not Be Heard: A Valentine.


new blood.

The mourning doves are mewling in Rhode Island
and we are finally getting back on track with the
(usually) daily 42-word reviews.

Go check out new ones by Timothy Baker, Stevie Lynne
Kohler, Erika Howsare, Matthew W Schmeer, William
Gillespie, and Burke Gerstenschlager.

Also happy to announce the presence of our new
co-editor, Erika Howsare. She prefers to be called
Ms. Howsare. One day soon she will walk all the way
across Rhode Island. Learn more about here here:

Off the press and in the mail shortly:
Words Spoken in Winter.


desired: 42 word reviewers

Our apologies for the recent silence over at forty two. Several of our regular reviewers have gone fishing, and we're busy looking for their stand-ins.

Would you like to be a regular or irregular reviewer? Horse Less doesn't send or assign you books, and we do not specify or limit subject, genre, publication date of books reviewed (although we especially appreciate reviews of contemporary poetry). The only requirement is that your book review be exactly 42 words long (excluding the book title/ author's name).

Please email jen (at) horselesspress (dot) com for more information, or just jump right in and send us a review. We're interested in what you're reading.


words spoken in winter / your el dorado

Words Spoken In Winter Will Not Be Heard: A Valentine is just about full! Included are works by Leigh Stein, John Mulligan, Shae Krispinsky, Jesse Castaldi, Kirk Keen, Erika Howsare, Tim Baker, Kate Schapira, and your humble editor. I'm still accepting submissions through the last day of January, the only guideline being that the poem/prose was written during January 2005.

And this has worked so well that we're going to try it again! Up next: The Lord Does Not Care For Your El Dorado. All through the month of February I will be accepting submissions -- poetry or prose with the aforementioned title. If there's anough good stuff we'll make a book of it.

All submissions can go to jen (at) horselesspress (dot) com, pasted into email or attached as Word/RTF files.