Happy December from Horse Less Press!

Here's a couple deals for you.

1. Pick up any two of the following chaps for only $7 (plus $1 shipping)! (Don't forget to let us know which two books you want!)
Anemic Cinema by Thomas Cook
To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation by Andrea Rexilius
Shadows are Weather by Allison Carter
Toward Eadward Forward by Emily Abendroth
A Mule-Shaped Cloud by Sarah Bartlett and Chris Tonelli
Vale Tudo by Sommer Browning
The Photograph by Sampson Starkweather
At Last Unfolding Congo by Alex Lemon

2. Or! Get any one chapbook from the above list plus a copy of Jen Tynes's new book, Heron/Girlfriend, for $10 (plus $1 shipping). More info about Heron/Girlfriend, published by Coconut Books, here: http://www.lulu.com/content/2203360


Another new chapbook from horse less press!

Thomas Cook

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Forgive the pin my hand was giving a flower
Upside down
So here extends the path to my heart

I make sense of skin
And it is light like sun
The pin my hand was giving a flower

The door twists like a cloak
And collapses like a hinge
So here extends the path to my heart

The pin is the path of the hinge
The pin
The pin my hand was giving a flower

The door collapses all the light in the room
And the room is a pin
So extends the path to my heart

I filled the room the door collapsed the door with a hinge
And the light with the sun like a flower
The pin my hand was giving a flower
So here extends the path to my heart


A new horse less chapbook!

Andrea Rexilius

28 pages, staple-bound.
$5 + $1 shipping

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Two New Chapbooks

Look what we've been doing! Two new chapbooks from horse less press:

Shadows are Weather by Allison Carter

Allison is the author of A Fixed, Formal Arrangement (Les Figues, 2008). Work of hers has also been included in journals such as Fence, 5_Trope, P-Queue, 3rd Bed, and others. Allison currently lives on the east side of Los Angeles, where she co-edits PS Books with Joe Potts and teaches a workshop in hybrid forms at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).


Toward Eadward Forward by Emily Abendroth

Emily Abendroth is a writer and artist, alternately residing in the San Franciso Bay Area and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (where she co-curates the Moles Not Molar Reading Series with poet Justin Audia). Recent work of hers can be found in Encyclopedia, Pocket Myths: The Odyssey Edition, horse less review, and Cut & Paste. A chunky excerpt from her book-length work-in-progress “Muzzle Blast Dander” can be found in Refuge/Refugee (Volume 3 of the Chain Links book series).

Order them both here.


HLR #6

Better late!

HORSE LESS REVIEW ISSUE SIX: MTC Cronin, Jesse Crockett, Nicholas Grider, Joshua Ware, Mike Sikkema, Jared Stanley, James Belflower, Anne Heide, J Michael Martinez, Robyn Art, Mg Roberts, Jason Stumpf, Mark DeCarteret, Clint Frakes, Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Daniel Godston, Jared White, James Capozzi, Laura Carter, Conan Kelly.



We're out of hiding and back to work!

Coming in the next 2-3 months: chapbooks!
Anemic Cinema by Thomas Cook
To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation by Andrea Rexilius
Shadows Are Weather by Allison Carter
toward eadward forward by Emily Abendroth
Threat of the Wing by Anne Heide

Also coming soon: Horse Less Review #6

And more news about our first print anthology, New Pony.


Writers & Friends:

We have fallen behind in our work & as of May 2008 are not currently accepting any new submissions. Check back in the Fall! If you've not heard back on your submitted work or are anxiously waiting to see the next issue, never fear. We'll get back to you soon. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email. Horse Less Review #6 is really and truly going to be out and about soon, and we'll be announcing the rest of our 2008 chapbook line-up. Also coming soon, more information about our first print anthology New Pony: Collaborations & Responses from Horse Less Press.


Boyd Spahr's The Julias is reviewed at Sustainable Aircraft.
Thanks, Alex Linhardt!


The power of video! Hearing and seeing, simultaneously!
Kitchen Press & Horse Less Press authors read some poems in Hell's Kitchen, USA.
Thanks to Justin Marks for organizing and hosting this event.


Two new chapbooks from horse less press!

Vale Tudo by Sommer Browning

A Mule-Shaped Cloud by Sarah Bartlett and Chris Tonelli

And the reading period for our collab/response anthology has almost come to an end! Send your work! Info below:


HORSE LESS PRESS will publish a print anthology in 2008. THE THEME is response. WE ARE INTERESTED in the following 1) writings that respond to, collaborate with, collage from, extend, elaborate, etc. a piece of writing that HAS APPEARED in horse less review, 2) COLLABORATIONS WITH WRITERS who've been published by horse less press or review, 3) BEGINNINGS, FRAGMENTS, PROPOSALS, HALF-MADE WORKS which desire some attention. We may also be interested in collaborative or response-based writings that do not fall into these categories. Please query early if you have an idea. SUBMISSIONS GO to horselessresponse at gmail dot com. Our deadline is January 31, 2008. Send work IN THE BODY of email or as a single word, rtf, or pdf file. IN A COVER letter please tell us a little about yourself and a little about the work you are submitting. PLEASE CLARIFY whether your submission falls into category 1, 2, 3. If #1, MAKE SURE you identify the source work. IF YOU NEED MORE information, visit our website or send questions to the above email address.


Justin Lacour's poem Sees the ______ and Waits, published in Horse Less Review #4 (Summer 2006), was chosen by poet Chad Davidson to be included in the 2007 Best of the Net Anthology. Woohoo, Justin!