Afleet Alex

We interrupt this horselessness to offer you a little horse.

Early May: Jen's thesis is due
May 5: cinco de mayo; also, Jen teaches her final class @ brown
May 6: Jen attends her final class @ brown & gives a reading with her fiction class

What a week the first week of May will be! There is, to be sure, a derby party in the works. (If you're reading this, you're invited.) At last year's party, I really felt shamed for not being able to provide more information about the horses & history of the derby. Anytime someone asked me something I didn't know, I just shoved another mint julep in their face. But not this year! I'll still be shoving mint juleps, of course, but we're going to do our homework.

I think the first horse we ought to check out is Afleet Alex. Granted, his name doesn't have the poetry that I covet in my racehorses, but then neither did Smarty Jones. I haven't been keeping up with the races lately, but apparently Afleet Alex is kicking some booty.



"This horse is a beast," said Jockey Jeremy Rose after the race. "He's classy enough to sit off the speed and take off. I really didn't have to do much with him, other than keep him out of trouble. I've been on decent horses before, but this one is special because of the way he runs. He is so athletic and professional. He does everything you ask him, whether it is in a workout or a race. It seems he has an unlimited amount of gears; that's why I think he can easily go longer."

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