It's a late, wild bloomer.
Horse Less Review #5 (Spring 2007) is here:

Containing work by Nate Pritts, Noah Falck, Claire Hero, John Duvernoy, Philip Oakes, Seth Perlow, Jay Snodgrass, Mark Cunningham, Annalynn Hammond, Simon DeDeo, Sean Kilpatrick, Paul Siegell, Michael Aird, Thomas Cook, Gina Abelkop, Melanie Hubbard, Justin Marks, Gareth Lee, Emily Abendroth, Conan Kelly.

Enjoy, tell your friends, and send us work for #6.

Coming in the next week: LYRIC, a chapbook by C.S. Carrier.

Coming in the next six weeks: Chapbooks by Justin Marks, Julie Doxsee, Boyd Spahr, and Jack Boettcher.

Jen & Erika

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