Happy December from Horse Less Press!

Here's a couple deals for you.

1. Pick up any two of the following chaps for only $7 (plus $1 shipping)! (Don't forget to let us know which two books you want!)
Anemic Cinema by Thomas Cook
To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation by Andrea Rexilius
Shadows are Weather by Allison Carter
Toward Eadward Forward by Emily Abendroth
A Mule-Shaped Cloud by Sarah Bartlett and Chris Tonelli
Vale Tudo by Sommer Browning
The Photograph by Sampson Starkweather
At Last Unfolding Congo by Alex Lemon

2. Or! Get any one chapbook from the above list plus a copy of Jen Tynes's new book, Heron/Girlfriend, for $10 (plus $1 shipping). More info about Heron/Girlfriend, published by Coconut Books, here: http://www.lulu.com/content/2203360

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