yr editor's agenda

A little about me:

#1 http://spinelessbooks.com/eclecticseizureWilliam is playing some recordings of me reading poems on his radio show tonight, along with live music & such from Vulpine. You can listen online, at 11 est or later when it's archived. You should check out all the archives, in fact, for lots of good readings.

#2http://www.nyu.edu/public.affairs/releases/detail/470I am doing a reading for NYU's Washington Square, with Eric Anderson & Elisa Albert, on April 29th @ 7pm. Tickets are very un-pricey and you get to support a literary endeavor. Also, I might just wear a skirt. I've been into them lately.

A little about horses:

I'm sorry I haven't kept up my promise to educate us on the ponies. It's been a busy poetry month, and it looks like, once again, I'm going to be watching the derby like a fool. If you want to read poets talking about horses, though, check out Lisa Jarnot's blog. She's a smart cookie.

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