Things are happening @ horse less press!

Horse Less Review #2 will hit the streets any day now, featuring:
Tyler Carter, Phil Cordelli, Maria Filippone, Sandy Florian, Michael Geier, Garth Graeper, Matthew Henriksen, Sean Hoade, Mark Kanak, Kirk Keen, Andy Lynes, Clay Matthews, Jim Maughn, Jerry McGuire, Corey Mesler, Nick Montfort, Andrew Lux, Bryce Newhart, Scott Pierce, Marc Pietrzykowski, Nate Pritts, Maggie Queeney, Marthe Reed, Hugh Steinberg, and others.


And two new chapbooks are just about to hit the presses!

from Egg Breakfast by Tyler Carter:

Hello Cactus

My man! How strange you are! These yellow growths glued to
your body (at one time strong and disdainful of touch, you would
sit as your ancestors sat, in the hot sun waiting, living but never
sweating, and never bored) but now look at you! Your resiliency
has gotten the best of you!

from Ode To Pumpsie Green & Stretch Phillips by Adam Tobin:

Whitey Whitey Dutch Doc Whitey

Red Red Doc Dutch Red

Doc Dutch Red Doc Red

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Dutch Dutch Dutch Doc Dutch

Whitey Red Whitey Whitey Red

Red Dutch Dutch


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