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HORSE LESS REVIEW #2 is here and includes work by: Tyler Carter, Thomas Cook, Phil Cordelli, Maria Filippone, Sandy Florian, Michael Geier, Garth Graeper, Matthew Henriksen, Sean Hoade, Mark Kanak, Kirk Keen, Conan Kelly, Andrew Lux, Andrew Lynes, Clay Matthews, Carolina Maugeri, Jim Maughn, Jerry McGuire, Corey Mesler, Nick Montfort, Bryce Newhart, Scott Pierce, Marc Pietrzykowski, Nate Pritts, Maggie Queeney, Marthe Reed, Kate Schapira, Brandon Shimoda, Brian Kim Stefans, Hugh Steinberg, and Bronwen Tate.We like it. Please enjoy & spread the word.

Also fresh out: TWO new chapbooks. "Egg Breakfast" by Tyler Carter and "Ode To Pumpsie Green & Stretch Phillips" by Adam Tobin. Buy both and get more. http://www.horselesspress.com/chapbooks.html

Your good editors,
Jen Tynes
Erika Howsare

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CLAY BANES said...

Adam knows his syllables.

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