horse less reading
and chapbook series

shadow fixed the toilet with an old trombone:
some improvisations

we have been thinking long and hard about how to host a reading tour without actually going anywhere, and this is what we came up with. during the first week of october (2005) we'd like to coordinate a series of readings all over the world (or at least the country) with a united theme:

shadow fixed the toilet with an old trombone:
some improvisations.

that is, writing that somehow involves or speaks to the idea of improvisation.
individual hosts will determine the time, place, shape, parameters, location, etc. of each reading.
they will be in livingrooms, restaurants, laundromats, buses, back stoops, sofa-beds, amphitheatres, planes.
they will be readings for 2 or 200.
some writings will certainly appear on the walls like graffiti or miracles.
some writings will be elaborately choreographed, only-children, in the making for years.
afterwards a chapbook will be compiled that includes a piece of writing from each reading.
with luck there will be other artifacts and remains.

interested in hosting a reading? email jen AT horselesspress DOT com for more details.
interested in attending a reading? check back at horselesspress.com and watch the schedule develop.

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