Ooh, ooh, ooh. So many new things in the noggin for horse less press. It has been a year and we are ready to cast off an old skin and slip into something more comfortable. Hopefully come August we'll have something to show you on the page and in the atmosphere.

Don't forget. Chapbook by Mark Kanak is really really on the way.
Go check him out.

Don't forget. Shadow Fixed The Toilet With An Old Trombone. Refer to earlier for details. You can totally be a host. Email me and say so. I believe in you.

Don't forget. Soon we'll be playing HORSE, live. HORSE, live. Bone up and be ready.
And here's something new to remember: Mythologies. Soon we'll shew them. I can't explain it. But you can help us. If you have stories, reviews, appreciations, raves, pleasant or revelatory things to say about horse less press, horse less review, and any of its productions or faces, please email them to jen AT horselesspress DOT com. They don't have to be true. We will do all the work. We will weave our own history.

-yr friend

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