In other horse less chapbook news, I've slightly redesigned and am making a new run of Erika Howsare's Elect June Grooms. Elect June Grooms was the first book I made, besides my own, and my binding experiment didn't go as well as I'd hoped. It was a little too thin and too hard to open, and the paper I used was too thin for the couple accordian pages.

This is a big shame, because Erika is one of my favorite poets (she has since become my co-editor and collaborator-friend) and Elect June Grooms is one of my favorite chapbooks. So I'd hate for the book not to get out into the world, or for the reading of it to be hampered by my early book-making attempts.

A new, more readable version is available now. It's simple: 8.5 x 6, 21 pages, same plain cover, staple-bound. The font may be a little big, but it's time to move forward. The poems are beautiful, absolute, something to linger in. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a copy.

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