Just flew back from AWP, and boy are my arms tired...

Part 3 of Don’t You Have A Map?
A collaboration twixt your horse less editors,

is now available at TYPO’s Burning Chair:


Part 4 will show, in about 2 weeks, at the internet homeplace of Mr. Josh Hanson. Stay tuned.

Next month a beautiful new horse less chapbook, Canoe by Adam Clay, will be creeping out of the woodwork.

This month, and for many months afterwards, my first full-length collection, The End Of Rude Handles, is available from Red Morning Press.
Red Morning Press has this to say:

Red Morning Press is pleased to present The End of Rude Handles, a debut poetry collection from Jen Tynes. In The End of Rude Handles, Tynes explores landscape and the landscape of language with curiosity and tenderness.

Award-winning poet C.D. Wright describes Jen Tynes as “attentive to polyester as she is the human hand’s extension into unlikely space, out of which she conceives a unique pattern…We do not know where she will take us. We have to read along to find out. We want to know.”

Please stop by www.redmorningpress.com for more information and get yourself a copy.

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